3-6 Class – March 31st

Farm – circle time (Download Here)


PS Butterfly (Download Here)

MS Butterfly (Download Here)

GS Butterfly (Download Here)


English – Read aloud with Christopher and Liam – Low Reading Level

Yellow Group

Dear students,


Last week we planted a garden which means Spring is here!  We invite you to go on a Springtime Sensory Walk with us. We have included a video presentation of our springtime theme.  In the video, we use the five senses to discover Spring. At the end of the video, Jessica encourages you to discover the signs of spring using your five senses. If it interests you, you can draw what you find.

We have also enclosed a Springtime Poem with a sound file.

There is a Spring Beginning Sounds Worksheet for you to listen closely to the vocabulary words (see sound file) and find its beginning sounds.

Finally there are some spring vocabulary words for you to learn along with a sound file.


Have a great rest of the week.


Jessica and Lynda


Spring vocabulary level 2

Spring what do you see – level 2

Spring prepositions level 2

SPRINGBeginningSounds (Download Here)


Parts of a flower work and self correction paper (Click to download)


Springtime Poem – PDF











SpringWords – PDF


What’s in your garden – PDF to download


PlantAGardenScienceandWriting – (Download Here)

Plant parts and needs

Spring vocab

Parts of a flower



WeatherFlash – (Download Here)



counting-caterpillar-busy-bag-printable – (Download Here)



StPatricksDayWorksheet (Download Here)


St. patricks day Info for Parents


StPatricksdayLabeltheLeprechaun (Download Here)