It meets the child’s needs: “Help me think for myself”

From 6 to 12 years old, each child is an explorer of ideas and facts. It is a period of great stability, calm and serenity. A new personality emerges and we can note physical and mental changes. The child asserts himself. He is capable of learning many important and different things if the opportunity presents itself.

The child has new capacities: an ability for abstraction, reasoning, imagination and tries to assert his intellectual independence. He is a cultural explorer.

In the continuity of what has been done with the 3 to 6 year olds, we introduce main themes which respond to young children’s aspirations. We introduce men and women who have influenced the development of humanity in order to respond to his need to identify himself with extraordinary people. Therefore, the child discovers different players in life.

The child learns to work in groups so that each person can find his place and accept the other’s place. We also introduce the question of justice because his ability to judge is starting to form.

Education is focused around 5 main lessons presenting the child with a global and coherent vision of the universe, civilizations, discoveries and man made inventions (cosmic education):

  •  the creation of the universe and our planet;
  •  the evolution of life on Earth;
  • the appearance of mankind on Earth and his evolution;
  •  the invention and evolution of communication systems and their symbols;
  • the evolution of science told through the story of numbers and math.