Nowadays, speaking two languages is essential to work, to become cultivated and to travel. Understanding another culture is a real asset, socially and economically, and demonstrates real open-mindedness.

We have chosen to build our method on gradual assimilation of the language, without ever using translation, through songs, nursery rhymes and games. We want to show the children, beyond just learning the language, the heritage of different cultures and make them curious about foreign customs.

In preschool, we favor learning the language the natural way: the child chooses the language he wants to use for each exercise and exchanges with educators in the language he prefers and he deems appropriate for the circumstance.

In primary, however, the educator makes sure a minimum of English is used in class.


Children bring their own culture to the school. In our classes, one out of three children are from a foreign culture (we already count 6 different nationalities).

We believe that this mix of cultures is a true benefit for the children in our care and that, with all these differences, they become curious, tolerant, open and responsible.