The groups are built according to the actual level of the children observed to date and not to their class level.
These are not fixed and may change during the year depending on the progress of each.

Group 1 – Coralie:    Maxence, Jaden, Gaspard, Emmy, Evan, Noelia, Adrien, Timothy, Rafael.

Group 2 – Coralie:   Darshan, Violetta, Sohandadeo, Clara, Nathanael, Therese, Dominique, Jaya, Nils, Oriana.

Group 3 – Ioanna: Paul, Maxime, Eva, Charlie, Romane, Gil, Lucas, Lea, Jasmine, Anaelle, Ayaan, Julie.

Group vert – Cecile: Constant, Julia, Sofia, Theo, Adam, Alexandre, Shams, Gabriel, Leo, Sohan.

Group violet – Cecile:  Marcus, Minh, Audren, Eva, Padme, Lara