6-12 Classe Verte

Toutankhamon at Parc de la Villette


Cross des 1000 Pattes

Monday 15th of April – CE2 – Today the CE2’s ran the cross. We had good weather and a father, who is a runner himself, helped out with the stretching and gave lots of inside tips to be a better runner. The children were very happy to participate in this event and will use this experience to challenge themselves more next year.


⁣⁣⁣Thursday 12th of April – CM2 – Today the CM2’s ran 2000 meters. We are very proud of how hard you ran and kept pace to stay together and a few that stayed in the front. That moral support you gave during the race to each other shows us how strong our community is. Keeping positive and encouraging each other to push on till the finish line. Thank you to the parents that showed up to cheer on the runners and the two fathers who helped Christopher.


⁣Thursday 11th of April – CE1 – We had a great race today, it was smart of us to stretch our muscles before the race. Thank you Christopher! All of the children that participated gave all their energy for the race. It was great to watch! Thank you to everyone that came to give their support to the runners and the two parents that came to help out. Christopher enjoyed the company.Some of the pictures are posted on our website. Tomorrow will be the CM2!

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