A mentor, a model, a guide.

His calm and listening skills are essential qualities to find the way to this magical moment when the child says: “I did it myself”.

Observation skills

Through observation, the educator must know each child personally: his interests, his manner of learning, his character. He needs to understand his needs and be attentive to these sensitive periods, these magical moments when he is ready to receive. It is at that moment that the educator chooses the appropriate material and lessons.

A creative instructor

He must always be available as a resource for the child. He encourages him, shares his success and develops his need to learn. The educator must also be attentive to making the child’s surroundings evolve: classroom setup and access to new materials.

A character developer

A Montessori class is a strong, reassuring, creative community and a good basis to develop all the essential qualities for the child to become a responsible adult and a good citizen.