• The children need to finish unit 4 in their workbooks on pages 30 through 35.
  • *Please bring your books back to school and do not leave them at home. Thank you
  • Words
    • Food & Numbers (10-100)
  • Grammar
    • Have you got…?
    • I have / haven’t …
    • Has he got…?
    • He has / hasn’t …
  • Phonics
    • gr / br / fr
  • Skills
    • Reading – a caption story
    • Listening – Identifying which food items are available
    • Speaking – Have you got apples? Yes, we have.
    • Writing – Question marks and full stops, writing about my lunch (wb)

Prepare 1 (Unit 3 – My Home)

  • Vocabulary: Rooms – Things in my room.
  • Grammar: There is / There are; in / on
    • Have got …
  • Listening: A conversation about the rooms in a house and a flat.
  • Speaking: Giving a list of what you have in your bedroom.

Prepare 2 (This is my day)

  • Vocabulary: Daily Routines, Food.
  • Grammar: Present continuous and present simple.
  • Reading: Tell us about your day …
  • Listening: Interviews about getting up in the morning.
  • Writing: A paragraph about your routine.

Prepare 4 (My Way of Life)

  • Vocabulary: Life events. too, enough, not enough.
  • Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives; not as … as
  • Reading: Is a teenage life better now than in the past?
  • Writing: An informal email
  • Exam tasks: Writing Part 1


October 15th 2020

First Friends Group 1 (Tuesday 2.30-3.30) 

– Revision of the Seasons and Days of the Week – with songs and flashcard
– Introduced feelings: happy, sad, scared, shy, cold, hot, thirsty, tired, sleepy
– Introducing the conversation: Are you (cold)? / Yes, I am. No I’m not.
– Practicing sounds ‘sh’ and ‘ch’

October 10th 2020

First Friends 2: (Monday/Friday) 
– Revision of alphabet with song and flashcards
– Revision of days of the week with a song
– Started a year long project to learn about the seasons; we went through the vocabulary of seasons and talked about leaves falling from the trees. Started an arts/crafts book to visually represent each season that we will go back to throughout the year as the seasons change.
– Homework: As we started a project this week, there were no pages given from the Workbook but to finish writing the seasons in their Season notebook and decorate Autumn pages.
Family and Friends 1: Wednesday 
– Revision of the Alphabet with a song
– Unit 2 of Classbook, learned the vocabulary for the toys; doll, ball, teddy, puzzle, car  / kite, bike, train, game, scooter
– Learned the grammar This is my bag / This is your bag
– Homework: p. 14/15 of Workbook
Family and Friends 2: Friday 
– Revison of vocab from last week
– Unit 2 of Classbook: hot, cold, happy, sad, thirsty, hungry / tired, angry, scared, brave, nervous
– Learned the grammar We’re happy / They’re happy
– Homework: Unit 2, pages 14-19



October 9th 2020


Prepare 4 – Unit 2 In Fashion
  • Vocabulary: Clothes: Adjectives
  • Grammar: Past Simple
  • Reading: Fashion and Music
  • Listening: Fashion and music in the past
  • Speaking: Talking about yourself
  • Writing: Write about yourself (name, age, nationality)

Prepare 2 – Unit 2

  • Vocabulary: Cooking and Ingredients
  • Listening: A boy demonstrates how to make a pancake.
  • Grammar: Present continuous and Present simple
  • Speaking: Talk about Shrove Tuesday or another festival in your country
  • Reading: Tell us what you eat

Prepare 1 – Unit 2

  • Students learn about different aspects of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • In the project stage, students make a poster about their own country.

Family and Friends 4 – Unit 2

  • Lesson:
    • To identify concert vocabulary
    • To understand a short story
    • To revise the past simple with have and be
    • To revise the past simple with regular verbs
  • Language:
    • Concert, drums, instruments, violin, audience, recorder, cheer, stage, program, trumpet.
    • We had a concert at our house. All our friends were there. Everyone was brilliant. Mum played the piano. The audience clapped and cheered.


Family and Friends 3 – Unit 2

  • Lesson:
    • To identify different hobbies
    • To understand a short story
    • To identify affirmative, negative and question forms of the present simple: like + -ing
    • To complete sentences with the third person singular and plural form of like
  • Language:
    • Read comics, skateboard, do gymnastics, play chess, fish, play basketball, take photos, play volleyball.
    • I like reading. I don’t like fishing. Do you like playing chess? Yes, I do./No, I don’t. He doesn’t like skateboarding. Does he like playing chess? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.
    • Happy, Play tennis, hip, hooray!, picture, have fun, all day, lots to do.


Monday 28th / Tuesday 29th (First Friends 2) 
– We learned vocabulary of the classroom; classroom, friend, music room, playground, sandbox, school bus, seesaw, teacher.
– We learned ‘What’s this’ / ‘It’s…’
– Revision of Days of the Week
Wednesday 30th (Family Friends 1) 
– We learned the vocabulary of the classroom: pen, pencil, rubber, pencil, ruler, book
– We listened and read a story in English
– We had conversations in pairs: ‘What is this?’ ‘This is a…’
Friday 2nd (Family Friends 2) 
– We learned the vocabulary: classroom, table, computer, peg, pencil case, board
– We learned the grammar: This is, That is, These are, Those are 
– We listened to a story and a song
– We went over the alphabet and sounds of each letter


Group F & F 3 – They’re from Australia – Unit 1

Please finish this chapter for next week. Thank you.

  • Shams, Lou
    • Learning:
      • To identify different countries
      • To understand a short story
      • Egypt, the UK, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Australia, the USA, Brazil
      • Language: I’m from Egypt. Where are you from? He’s from Brazil. Where is he from? They’re from Russia. Where are they from? It’s nice to meet you. How are you?
      • To write sentences with be

Listen and read page 8 (In the color pages)

Listen and sing page 10 (in the color pages)

Listen and read page 12 (in the color pages)



Group Prepare 1 – Unit 1

Please finish this chapter for next week. Thank you.

  • Mathys VK, Eva, Theophile, Alexis, Sara
    • Vocabulary: Camera, phone, photo, friend, name, teacher, Countries and Nationalities
    • Grammar: Determiners: my, your, his, her; present simple be – affirmative singular
    • Pronunciation: From
    • Speaking: Draw a picture and talk about yourself; play a game
    • Writing: Write about yourself (name, age, nationality)


Listening page 9 (Black and White pages)


Group Prepare 2 

Please finish this chapter for next week. Thank you.

  • Yael
    • Speaking: Ask and answer questions in the role of a young sports star.
    • Listening: Two more descriptions of a sport and a game
    • Reading: Two young sports stars; Descriptions of unusual sports and games.
    • Vocabulary: Sports with play and go
    • Grammar: Present simple and adverbs of frequency: always, often, often, sometimes, never.
    • Writing: Write about a sport or a game


Listening for #8 and #9 page 9 (Black and White pages)


Friday 25th September

Group F & F 3 – My Family

Please review the family member names, comparative (grammer), months in a year and numbers 10-100. Please finish this chapter for next week. Thank you.

  • Shams, Lou
    • Learning:
      • The names of the story characters
      • To review family words
      • To revisit comparative and past simple of be
      • To Identify the months of the year
      • To review the numbers 10-100


Group Prepare 1 – In the classroom

Please practice writing the days of the week, writing numbers and the months. Please finish this chapter for next week. Thank you.

  • Mathys VK, Eva, Theophile, Alexis, Sara
    • Vocabulary – The alphabet; numbers 1-20; days of the week; things in the classroom; colors; months
    • Grammar – What’s your name? How old are you? How do you spell it? c / year; singular and plural nouns; this / that is …, These / Those are …; What color is …?
    • Pronunciation – The alphabet
    • Spelling – Numbers, Days of the week

Workbook # 1 – The Alphabet

Workbook # 7 – Listening


Group Prepare 2 – Get Started

Please finish this chapter for next week. Thank you.

  • Yael
    • Things in the classroom
    • There is / There are
    • Have got
    • The alphabet
    • Speaking: Questions in the classroom
    • Simple present
    • dates